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It's Finally Not Freezing Cold
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05-021 Blackened Blue
03-069 Amethyst
03-085 Weimaraner
08-326 Lemon Neon
03-359 Midnight Plum
02-366 Blush

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KnotMore is proud to be North American distributor of Settanyl brand cord from Linhas Setta. is owned by me, Dawn Standera.

I finally got tired of trying to find waxed polyester cord
for the art form I am passionate about
– tapestry knotting, sculptural knotting, and micro-macrame.
So, I imported 9,100 spools of cord which are now ready to ship to you!

KnotMore has all 75 colors of Settanyl in stock and ready to ship.

Each spool has 175 yards (160 meters) – that's a lot of cord!

Don't need 175 yards? No worries, you can buy 50 feet at a time.

Who uses our cord?
Fiber Artists, Basket Makers, Book Binders,
Broom Makers, Knotters, Micro-Macrame Artists,
Leather Workers and More!

I am committed to the promotion of your art form as well as you, the artist, our customer. Keep in touch.

Let us know what you need for your project and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Contact us directly with any questions via email:

And remember, don't knot less.....KnotMore!