KnotMore's Story

The Search for Quality Cord

I'm here for you and your art form.

About KnotMore Cord

KnotMore is proud to be the North American distributor of Settanyl brand cord from Linhas Setta. We have all 75 colors of Dawn Standera ArtSettanyl cord in stock and ready to ship. Our cord is a 1 mm 2-ply waxed polyester cord. It is manufactured in Brazil for use in stitching together luggage, shoes, tents and soccer balls
(that's tough cord!).

Macrame artists discovered it and love it for its colors, durability, waterproof and fade resistant qualities. It is now being discovered by fiber artists, basket makers, book binders, Gone Fishingknotters, micro-macrame jewelers, art quilters, leather workers and more.

It is easy to knot and unknot. If you like working with waxed linen, you will love working with our cord! It is comparable in size to 4 ply waxed linen.

We offer spools of cord (175 yards/160 meters)
or bobbins of cord (50 feet/15 meters).

About Me, Dawn Standera

I started KnotMore in order to offer this fantastic, hard to find cord to people who, like me, searched to find a source for waxed polyester cord only to be frustrated.

Roxy and Dawn
KnotMore Dog, Roxy

Now we all have a source for 75 colors of cord at the best price available. I started receiving frequent requests for stones for macrame jewelry so I also import grooved cabochons from Peru perfect for macrame and wire wrapping jewelry.

Scout, a KnotMore dog
KnotMore Dog, Scout

Because I am a passionate knotter I also offer tutorials and workshops. KnotMore is the ONLY place you will find tutorials for three dimensional or sculptural knotting.

I LOVE running KnotMore because I get to meet artists from all over the world making exciting fiber art. There is no better job for me than that.

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